The Tree of Life Israel Community

” For us fasting twice a year is a way of living. Our way of offering service in life. All our community staff members have an infinite amount of volunteer spirit, starting with Shanti & Gabriel. We are not running a retreat center every week. We get together and fast as a community twice a year. So every event is a unique happening with months of focused intent. We put our heart and talent into it, raising the bar every time to offer you the world’s best ever retreat. “

The Tree of Life Israel, Staff members statement

The Tree of Life Israel was founded in 2001 by Gabriel Cousens MD & Shanti Golds Cousens with Yoav Agmon. Since then, we have organized dozens of workshops, trainings & events, mostly in Israel and some in Greece, Turkey, Ibiza.  The community is gathering twice a year for the Juice Fasting Retreat in various locations in Israel: Ramon crater, The Sea of Galilee & The Dead Sea, which is our current location. There are about 60 volunteers involved in the service work of making the Tree of Life happen. Please visit our upcoming community section to get to know us better.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Israel. 🙂

The Holistic Fasting Retreat is an international event,

with people arriving to Israel from over 40 countries, since 2004:

” The retreat is fantastically organized ! ”
Terence, Switzerland
” The staff is amazing “
N., England


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Shanti & Gabriel Cousens MD for their everlasting inspiration & service