צום אנשי המיצים 5-2017
לוח הצומות 2017 עברית
People with Juice 5-2017
Dr. Cousens Retreat 3-2017

Fasting Retreats 2017  – New Formats

After 17 successful international fasting retreats in Israel, we are announcing new formats and new locations.

Holistic Juice Fasting Retreat

People with Juice

Almog, Dead Sea  15.5 – 23.5  |  6.11 – 14.11  2017

A new fasting retreat program offered by the experienced members of Tree of Life Israel, fasting since 2004 with international groups and organizing the  retreats with Dr. Cousens & Shanti in Tree of Life Israel 2004-2016.

Rich program with many group leaders, all experts in their field:
Live Music,  Nature Walks near the stunning Dead Sea, Daily Yoga & Meditation, Tai Chi, Breath Techniques, Laughter Yoga, Feldenkreis, Art, Dance

7 days of organic & kosher juices: Fruit & Veg or Green Juice

Hebrew, with translation to English

– The workshop is led in Hebrew with a dedicated translator and fasting-supporter for the English speaking group of international travelers. Nearly all the participants and all staff speaks english.

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Spiritual Juice Fasting Retreat

Gabriel Cousens MD  Shanti Golds Cousens

March 20-28 2017

Tree of Life Gan Eden, Ze’e’lim, Negev, Israel

New Place, New Production.

  • Spiritual, Sacred Relationships and Medical Programs
  • Daily Shaktipat , TriYoga, Optional Diabetes Group
  • English speaking workshop with optional Hebrew translation.

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NEW 2017 Fasting Programs:

People with Juice Fasting Retreat

Almog, Dead Sea

  • May 15 – 23  2017

  • November  6 – 14  2017

People with Juice 5-2017

Spiritual Fasting Retreat

Dr. Cousens & Shanti Golds Cousens

Tree of Life Gan Eden, Ze’elim, Negev

  • Ze’elim, March  20-28  2017

Dr. Cousens Retreat 3-2017

' A Life Transforming Experience '
The ultimate holistic-fasting program

One of the world’s best detox retreats is arriving from the Tree of Life Center USA.

A Reset for body & spirit.

The Tree of Life Fasting Retreat is the fruit of over 30 years of experience with thousands of successful participants worldwide. Referred to as ‘A Life Transforming Experience’ by many, and with over 35% of the participants return to fast with us again and again. It is an international gathering attracting people from all walks of life, arriving to Israel from over 40 countries, since 2004.

The comprehensive program features: the ultimate body-cleanse, advanced detox & rejuvenation, live music, nature trips, meditation, expert lectures, and a true opportunity to take a leap in your quality of life. We call it ‘The Reset Effect’.

 Many activities, all in one retreat.

Find your unique fasting experience:

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Powerful Natural

Healing & Detox

A variety of detox procedures, Following Dr. Cousens’ optimal fasting & detox formula with +30 years of clinical experience.

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Comprehensive Program

Wellness Workshops

Led by 12+ group leaders, experts in their field.

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Fasting with an

International Community

Meet great people, arriving from over 40 countries to The Tree of Life Israel, since 2003.

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A Comprehensive

Cultural Program

Live Music  |  Meditative Art  |  Movement Classes  |  Dance  |  Concert in Nature

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The Ultimate Holistic

Wellness Vacation

Enjoy a countryside retreat. Explore Israel. Nature trips. Time to relax, reset & recharge.

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Self Exploration

Spiritual Program

A variety of meditation & practices to calm the mind, enhance clarity & build will power.

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“ The Tree of Life USA is The Fasting Destination of Choice ”


“ Dr Cousens is probably the greatest living health practitioner ”

Woody Harrelson, Actor

” One of the World’s Top-10 Detox & Yoga Retreats “