Diabetes Support Group with Gabriel Cousens MD

The 9-day Juice Fasting Retreat is actually making the first part of the greater 21-day Reverse Diabetes program by Dr. Cousens.


We offer early stage diabetics an opportunity to join this fasting retreat with additional diabetes group support. This is making it accessible for people who can not travel to the Tree of Life Center in the USA for the complete 21-day program. By joining the fasting retreat you can fully take the first step and start reversing diabetes.

In Israel retreat we can only support Type-II diabetics who are not using insulin. The Diabetes support circle is at extra cost.

The complete Dr. Cousens’ 21 days Diabetes program is only offered at The Tree of Life Arizona, USA.

  • Daily diabetes group check-in, guidance and Questions & Answers with Dr. Cousens
  • A certified naturopath supporting your process
  • Personal diabetes assessment by Dr. Cousens
  • Individualized follow-up program
  • Introduction to the lifestyle that reverses diabetes
Diabetes Support Group Gabriel Cousens MD
There is a Cure for Diabetes Book by Gabriel Cousens MD
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