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Gabriel Cousens MD   Shanti Golds Cousens

Shanti & Gabriel are sharing a life path and a mission. Through a comprehensive set of teachings, workshops, books & online media they share the wisdom of living a truly holistic lifestyle that empowers people to live & explore their full potential and life purpose.

Gabriel & Shanti have been coming to Israel since 2003.

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Dr. Gabriel Cousens

MD, MD(H), DD,

A Licensed physician in Western medicine, Homeopathy, Psychiatry, Chinese Herbs, Family Counselor. A Diplomat in Ayurveda, A Diplomat of American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

A Multidisciplinary scholar, a best selling author and an acknowledged world expert on natural healing. In his early 70’s, Dr. Cousens is a living example of radiant health, teaching worldwide frequently. Dr. Cousens is ‘a physician of the soul’ with over 40 years of clinical experience

Dr. Cousens is the founder of the international Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center & Spiritual Community in Arizona, USA, reviewed by the New York Times as ‘the Fasting Destination of Choice’ and a Top-10 review of Harper’s Magazine. The U.S. center is attracting visitors from over 100 countries worldwide. Dr. Cousens has ground-breaking results with healing diabetes naturally.

Gabriel is an acknowledged liberated Yogi, teaching holistic liberation as an integrated approach for ‘whole person healing & whole person enlightenment’. His message is a weave of the western & eastern traditions, the great Torah way & Tao, with contemporary medicine & research approach. Creating an integrated lifestyle for healing & spiritual fulfillment.

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Shanti Golds Cousens


A senior TriYoga teacher with over 25 years of practice, an expert at the art of aromatherapy, an inspiring chef and teacher of raw & living foods. Beyond titles, Shanti brings the grace and smile to every Tree of Life workshop. Shanti is among the first teachers trained by Kaliji in the unique form of TriYoga – a flowing style of Yoga, inspired by the move of kundalini. This is by far the most popular class we offer daily at the fasting retreat. Magic included.

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