Arrival, Departure, Check in

Upcoming 2018 Fasting Retreats:

March 5 – 13 2018

Arrival:  Monday, March 5th,   02:00-05:00 pm

Departure:  Tuesday, March 13th,  02:00 pm

November 5 – 13 2018

Arrival:  Monday, November 5th,   02:00-05:00 pm

Departure:  Tuesday, November 13th,  02:00 pm

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  • The fasting retreat is 9 days / 8 nights long.
  • Please arrive by 5:00 pm latest.

Extra Nights / Early Check-in:

If you are flying to Tel Aviv early on that day, and wish to check-in earlier please make that request on your registration form. You could arrange an early check-in:

Early arrival on Monday:

Checking in earlier on Monday from 7 am – for no extra cost. Please confirm early arrival with us by email / WhatsApp.

Extra nights before / after retreat:

Checking in from Sunday or anytime during the night before Monday 7 am is available at extra cost for 1 night – a flat cost of $130 per room, including breakfast & lunch.
 Please make sure to confirm your arrival with us by email.