How to Prepare for Juice Fasting

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Here are some tips and guidelines to better prepare yourself for fasting. It is best to try following these nutrition & lifestyle suggestions about a 7-14 days before the fast:

What to eat 7-14 days before fasting:

Meat diet: If you are on a meat diet, avoid or minimize eating meat on the week or two before fasting. Many people go vegan naturally after fasting.
Coffee: Avoid or minimize coffee to 1 cup a day. That is a general lifestyle recommendation, but it also specifically applies to preparing yourself and your body for fasting. If you are used to more than 1 coffee a day, try to gradually keeping it to 1 cup. The best is having a fresh juice when you’re craving for coffee. Try starting your day with a juice.
Eat more: Try eating more salads & fruits. Eat less or minimize eating after 7-8pm
Drink fresh juices.
Avoid or minimize: smoking, drugs & alcohol. The fasting retreat can serve as a leverage to quit addictions.

By minimizing or quitting toxins or stimulants about a week before the fast, you are likely to have a smoother experience.

Try to rest

Avoid coming exhausted. While fasting most people reset their sleeping pattern to a healthier one. Try to get decent sleep (about 6-8 hours). Try getting to bed early – around 10-11pm and wake up early.

Leave work behind

As much as you can, conclude work and inform your associates that you are going away. Avoid bringing work with you to the retreat. If you have to stay in touch, try to minimize work to a daily phone call / e mail during the afternoon.

Family & friends

Let them know you’ll be away for 10 days. Leave a reply on your email or voice mail. Give yourself a chance to slow down.

Sorry, no guests

We are all about creating the best retreat experience for you and for everyone participating, therefore, we don’t allow guests into the retreat. If guests or family will come to visit you, you could meet at reception or outside of the workshop area. Please respect the silence and privacy of other participants. No food or smoking is allowed anywhere.


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