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Upcoming 2018 Fasting Retreats:

March 5 – 13 2018

Arrival:  Monday, March 5th,   02:00-05:00 pm

Departure:  Tuesday, March 13th,  02:00 pm

November 5 – 13 2018

Arrival:  Monday, November 5th,   02:00-05:00 pm

Departure:  Tuesday, November 13th,  02:00 pm

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Low-Cost Flights to Israel

  • Flying to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion intl. airport. Mark: TLV.
  • Israel is 1:30 – 6 hours flight from major European airports. 9 hours from New York.

Low cost flights are available from major EU countries, including: UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland.

Low cost flights websites:

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Map & Driving Duration

Click here to view Israel map and travel information.

Currency $ € ₪

Rough currency exchange rates:

$1 = ~3.4 ₪    Shekel
€1 = ~4.1 ₪  Shekel

• It is best to change money in the big cities at the change counters.
• We accept at the retreat: Cash of $ € ₪ and Credit cards. Sorry, we do not accept intl. checks.

At the Airport

  • Change some money, about $200-$300. If you plan to travel longer in Israel, you are likely to get better rates in the city / retreat, than at the airport
  • Collect a local phone / internet USB stick – see info below.

Wifi and Mobile Phones

Most people travel with a global package for calls and internet on their mobile. Alternately, you can get a local cellphone or internet connection USB stick. Getting a local cellphone is free for incoming calls.

Almog WiFi network is offered at no cost at the reception and garden area 24/7. There is also WiFi in the Han rooms.
Network service may be slow or out of order without notice as this is a free service.

Get a local cellphone with free incoming calls

Get a local internet connection USB stick

If you require internet connection for business, video calls or you simply must be online from any reason, we strongly advise to rent a private internet USB stick for your laptop or rent a local sim card for hotspot.
IsraelPhones company offers these solutions. They are located at the airport in the arrivals hall, just as you are coming out of customs. It is best is to reserve or contact them a few days in advance.
• Website:     Toll free call: – Click Here

Communication Solutions:
• USB stick for laptop internet connection – $5/day
• Israeli Sim cards for rent
• Israeli cell phones for rent – Free incoming calls!