Jerusalem Travel Info

Please follow security guidelines when going to Jerusalem. We recommend arriving directly to the retreat from the airport, and consider visiting Jerusalem after the retreat.

Jerusalem: Places to Stay

Private apartments on AirBnB

A great option is AirBnB. This site offers private rooms, apt. and suites for rent from low to high budget. Even on last minute. Website:

Hi Level

Mount Zion Hotel (Tzion)- A boutique hotel in a spectacular historical setting. The hotel is within easy walking distance of the city’s main cultural, historical, and religious sites. 
Address: 17 Hebron st. | Jerusalem | Tel: +972-2-5689555 |

Mid Range

• Abraham Hostel – basic accommodations, right in the center of Jerusalem. Address: 67 Hanevi’im st. | Jerusalem | Tel: +972-2-6502200 |
New Petra Hostel – basic accommodations in the old city entrance. Address: 1 David st. | Jerusalem | Tel: +972-2-6286618 |

• Austrian Hospice – Unique guest house with basic accommodations from dorm to suites, situated in Muslim Quarter of the old city.
Address: 37 Via Dolorosa st. | Jerusalem | Tel: +972-2-6265800 |

• Leonardo Hotel Jerusalem – A 4-star hotel, 15 minute walk from the centers of both the old and new City. Address: 9 Saint George st. | Jerusalem | Tel: +972-2-5320000 |

• – Plenty of hotels and hostels all over Jerusalem, with tourist info.

On a Budget

If you are traveling with a tight budget, check out free home hospitality on

Recommended Vegetarian Cafes

There are many cafes and restaurant all over the city, almost any place has salads and vegetarian/vegan options on the menu.

Te’enim – Address: 12 Emile Bota st. | Confederate House | Jerusalem | Tel: +972-2-6251967 | Sunday-Thursday 9:00-22:00, Friday 9:00-14:00 |   Fantastic view of Jerusalem and great vegan food.
Village Green – Address: 33 Jaffa st. | Jerusalem | Tel: +972-2-6253065 | Sunday-Thursday 9:00-22:00, Friday 9:00-14:00


Hummus Pilgrimage

  • Ben Sira Hummus: Ben Sira 8 st.
  • Lina Hummus / Abu Shukri – both in are the old city market. Once in the market, ask locals or store owners for directions.


Organic Health-Food Stores in Jerusalem

Zmora Organic – One of the first health food stores in Jerusalem – 3 branches:

1 Amatzia st., Greek Colony | Jerusalem | Tel: +972-2-5666660

37 Rabbi Israel Najara st., Givat Shaul | Tel: +972-2-6730008

5 Yad Harutzim st., Talpiot | Tel: +972-2-6730008


Anis – Health food store with a few branches in Jerusalem :

76 Jaffa st. |  Tel: +972-2-5384069

32 Emek Refaim st., German Colony | Jerusalem | Tel: +972-2-5384069

42 HaPalmach st. | Tel: +972-2-5660444

33 Derech Beit Lechem st.

3 Ester HaMalka st.  Tel: +972-2-6733861