Retreat Info


We are offering various detox, body work and emotional healing sessions during the fast. Most of our body workers have over 20 years of experience.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Cost: $110 / €90 / 380₪  per session.

Bodywork sessions:

Various Massage Techniques, Reflexology, Breath, Tachyon Energy, Tibetan Balls & Sacred Sounds
Cost: $80 / €65 / 280₪ per session


Tachyon Energy Cocoon, Trampolines, TriYoga, Tai-Chi, Feldenkrais Classes
Cost: Free

Going to the Dead Sea Beach

Almog is overlooking the Dead Sea. It’s about 15min drive to the nearest beach. It’s way too far to walk while fasting. We will go once on a group trip with a tour bus to the beach & Qumran caves.

If you want to go to the beach privately during retreat you can:
a. Get a ride with other participants. There are usually many cars in the group.
b. Arrange a taxi from reception.
We recommend these beaches:

Biankini / Neve Midbar Beach
15min drive. Entry fee to the beach is 28-40₪. It’s about 140 Shekel / $38 / €35 for a taxi of 4 people. roundtrip.
Book 1hr prior with reception.

Retreat Shop

Our onsite shop offers various fasting aids, natural soaps and aromatherapy items, Yoga mats, books, kitchen-ware, supplements and superfoods.

Diabetes Support Circle with Dr. Cousens
In Israel retreat, we can support only Type-II diabetics who are not using insulin. The Diabetes support circle is at extra cost. Please contact us by email for info please Contact us on Diabetes Support
The complete Dr. Cousens’ 21 days Diabetes program is only offered at The Tree of Life Arizona, USA. Please Visit for details.
See also: Diabetes Support Kit

Program & Daily Schedule

Day 1: Arrival, Entering the Fast
Arrival, after checking-in and dinner, we’ll enter the fast. The opening talk is ‘Must Attend’.

Days 2-8: 7 Days of Fasting
7 full juice-fasting days with daily activities to choose from. See details below.

Day 9: Coming off the Fast & Departure
Break-fast, Important closing talks, Lunch & Departure.
It’s important to come off the fast in the right way, so you will have a safe and pleasant return to everyday activity with minimal difficulty. Nearly all people can return to work on the day after.

During the fast:

• The workshop is a relaxed, joyful process with space for silence, music, nature & meditation. The daily schedule offers various activities to choose from and yet leaves space for slowing-down and being in nature. Resting greatly supports the rejuvenation process.
• Your attendance is only required for the daily morning Check-in talks with Dr. Cousens from 8:00-9:30, and the opening & closing talks on Day 1 & 9.
• As a retreat workshop, you are requested to stay within the village area all days. Leaving the area in anyway requires the Dr.’s and workshop organizer approval, and is at your own responsibility. Driving a car while fasting requires Dr.’s permission and is limited to 15 min.
• Language: The workshop is led in Hebrew with translation to English, and designed for the international audience. Two of the talks will have group translation to Hebrew.

Daily activities are from 7 am to 9:30 pm with plenty of time to rest in between
Organic Juices are served 4 times a day on a group gathering: 8:00, 12:00, 3 pm, 6 pm. You can have some extra and drink water and herb tea as you like.
Every morning: group Check-in talk with Dr. Cousens – medical supervision and follow up through the process. Here you can ask questions about your experience.

Daily Activities:

• TriYoga / Tai Chi / Dance / Feldenkrais Class
• Silent Sitting Meditation – with guidelines if you’re new to meditation.
• Detox Processes
• Nature Walks
• Live Music & singing with musicians. Artist workshops.
• Spiritual Talk/ Conscious Living Talk with Dr. Cousens
• Kabbalat Shabbat Ceremony on Friday