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The Tree of Life Fasting Retreat, Dead Sea, Israel

This is video is in English & Hebrew. 8:50 minutes.

Get a closer look into the Dead Sea Fasting Retreat, featuring interviews with Gabriel Cousens MD, Shanti and retreat participants.

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Video Transcription

Gabriel Cousens MD: The 7 day fasting & detox cycle

– The seven-day fast repeated twice a year is the most efficient way to detox from the worldly toxins on many levels. And the spiritual fast, we have physical, we have emotional toxins, we have mental toxins, we have spiritual toxins. So we’re working on this multi-dimensional level.

Juices on the Fasting Retreat

So we give thanks for those who made this juice with love, for those who drink it with consciousness. And for the Divine, who’s created the living Earth. More toxins are coming out, and you’re having a slight detox.

Holistic Fasting

Most people living in the world have gotten so involved in the world that they’ve lost their holy rhythm. So the fasting in a retreat setting gives people an opportunity to reconnect with their holy rhythm, and as part of that, reconnect with their sacred design, also known as their life purpose.

KaliRay TriYoga with Shanti Golds Cousens

– As you turn the palms up, inhale upwards, salute, relax your shoulders, exhale, hinge forward from the hips, extend your shoulders, stretch.

The importance of doing yoga in the fast, it gets all the energy flowing, it activates all the meridians in the body. It also helps the lymphatic system because it’s moving, it’s detoxifying through the systems of the lymphatic. And also, on a spiritual level, it helps to calm the mind, make the breath a little more rhythmical, and the body a little more relaxed.

Meditation & Healing

– Meditation is extremely important for healing processes. In the fast, we do it three times a day, morning, evening, and in the middle of the day yoga. And this is what makes a huge contribution to the ability of participants here to heal.

– How are we today?

Holistic Fasting – Spiritual Fasting

– I’ve done other fasts that have been, for instance, more physically orientated, but not spiritual. And if you believe the aim, ultimately, is to develop spiritually, then this is the sort of fast that I like.

Movie actor Woody Harrelson on Dr. Gabriel Cousens:

– When I started reading Gabriel Cousens’ books, it just blew my mind so wide. In my mind, he’s the greatest, probably, living health practitioner.

Gabriel Cousens MD: Healing Diabetes with Fasting, Holistic Fasting

– Spiritual juice fasting is a very, very powerful force for healing on all levels, including some chronic diseases. Diabetes, which is my specialty, is one of those. We’re having amazing results in a very short time, one to three weeks, we’re seeing 61% of type two, non-insulin dependent diabetes healed! Healed means a blood sugar less than 100 and no medications. That’s exciting. It’s also considered impossible, just get clear on that, by the traditional medical understanding.

Diabetes and Fasting Testimonial

– My doctor in London did not believe me when I first met her, that I’ll be able to do that, to go back from the huge level of diabetes. I was extremely ill, and become non-diabetic. And this is now four plus years on, and she’d written a paper about me, a one person’s case study.

Detox by the Dead Sea

– We’re here at the Dead Sea. It’s the lowest place on the Earth, and it’s very elevating. Mud pulls the toxins out of the system. So we have the mud and we have the salt water pulling the toxins out. Plus it’s fun.

– It’s an amazing experience because you have the feeling you let everything go in the Dead Sea. Letting everything go, it’s just a miracle.

Participant Testimonial

– When I go back home, I look at this, this remains with me for a long time.

– It keeps me really balanced for about a year.

– It’s important to take care of the welfare of the body because when we take care of the welfare of the body, we take care of the welfare of the soul.

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