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New Fasting Retreat Program in Israel 2017

Spiritual Fasting Retreat with Gabriel Cousens MD and Shanti Golds Cousens

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In a world that is actively distracting us from our soul connection by engaging us predominantly in the outer world of politics, terrorism, entertainment, and all levels of fear, this spiritual fast is designed to minimize life’s distractions and aid us to reconnect more deeply with our soul. When one lives in the power of their soul connection, the illusionary events of the outer world have minimal effect on us. Our daily lives are full of distractions that separate us from our own being and make us lose perspective of our soul’s true intention. This spiritual fast is designed to provide a setting that allows an individual to focus on their true Self and reconnect to their soul.

This spiritual fast lead by spiritual master and fasting guru (New York Times) Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and Shanti Golds Cousens, M.A., Senior KaliRay TriYoga Teacher, will empower you to reconnect to the natural way of living that both reconnects you to your soul and may even bring you to Deveikut/Cheyrut/ Liberation naturally.

Shalom, Love, and Appreciation
Gabriel & Shanti


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